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About the filmmakers

Director - James Bluemel

James is an award winning documentary filmmaker and has been making documentaries for nearly ten years. Starting out as a video journalist, James has made films for BBC and Channel 4 including films for their landmark series The Hospital and Cutting Edge strand. In 2006 James won the Raindance Award at the British Independent Film Awards for his feature length documentary ‘Tangled Up With Dylan’ about the times and crimes of one of Bob Dylan’s most notorious fan, AJ Weberman. The film was screened on BBC alongside the Martin Scorsese’s Dylan film, No Direction Home. 66 Months is his second feature length doc.

Producer - Gordon Wilson

Gordon’s entry into making documentaries was through an organization called Film Oxford. Previously homeless, Gordon was awarded a place on the film producers course as part of his support to help get him out of the night shelter and into permanent accommodation. Having completed the course, he then successfully applied for funding to make his first documentary - Lottie.
‘Lottie’ is a short documentary about a young heroin user who lives in a shed in Oxford. Produced and directed by Gordon, the film was funded by Screen South and Gavin Humphries at Quartz Films was the exec producer.
Gordon’s next project was to produce the feature documentary 66 Months. The film has been shown at the Sheffield International Documentary Festival and the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA), which described it as "devastatingly intimate ... but always respectful".
Gordon is now on the board of trustees of Film Oxford and regularly gives seminars for people you come from a similar background of homelessness who are interested in getting their lives back on track.

Editor - Stefan Ronowicz

Stefan has over 30 years experience as an editor and has been involved in many award winning documentary films. His credits include Enemies of the People, Terror in Mumbai, Shooters, Homecoming, Serbian Epics and Dostoevsky’s Travels.